Equine-Assisted Learning

KARELE is a Scottish registered charity that provides equine-assisted therapeutic care through equine-facilitated learning and equine-assisted activities. We aim to build confidence, self-esteem and ability through horsemanship skills, contact with horses and horse-riding activities.

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What is equine-assisted therapy?

Equine-Assisted Therapy can be defined in two main parts:


Equine-assisted activities

pony and rider session

There is a wealth of scientific research showing that working with horses has many benefits, including the ability to improve a person's social and emotional functioning.

Caring for a horse has a significant impact on both physical and mental wellbeing. Working closely with a horse can reduce blood pressure and alleviate tension and anxiety.


Equine Facilitated Learning

pony's eye close-up

We take the user back to essential horsemanship-skills where they begin by learning about basic grooming and equipment. Participants are then encouraged to move their horse from the paddock with the support and guidance of a Karele team member.

Grooming and tacking up their horse is the next exciting step in their learning journey.

Learning & Safety

All learning takes place from the ground in partnership with one of our much loved horses.

Individual Support

Every session is tailored to meet the needs of each individual by one of our trained staff. 

Back to the basics

We take the user right back to the basics of horsemanship skills. 

Reflective Practice

Individuals interpret their own learning and are encouraged to reflect on the session.

Jasim's Experience


Jasim works closely with Orchid during his time at Karele. Orchid and Jasim enjoy walking, grooming and learning to tack up together.

Building Confidence & Independence

Jasim leads Orchid

Jasim confidently leads Orchid from her field with the support of a Karele team member close by.

Supporting Individual Learning

Hand feeling pony's ear

Jasim learns new skills throughout his session with Orchid. Learning to tack up and groom Orchid enables Jasim to build a strong bond with her.

Unique Sensory Experiences

Hand holding pony's mane

Jasim loves the sensory experience of holding Orchid's mane in his hands. Each session provides a variety of new and exciting sensory experiences.

Volunteer & Donate

KARELE has offered equine-assisted therapy and learning to vulnerable people since 2015. Our charity work is funded by the kindness of our donors, volunteers​ and supporters.

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