Connected sessions aim to support and promote each participant's personal, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


Through working in partnership with our horses, we aim to improve the lives of disabled and disadvantaged individuals of any age. We create a welcoming environment where our service users can feel safe and secure and in turn benefit from engaging with our team of horses and members of the KARELE team.

We work primarily with children and young people in the local community who are experiencing disadvantages. However, Up Close sessions are open to anyone who feels they may benefit from them. Many of our clients are people who find themselves marginalised, whether through being socially isolated or being labelled with an illness or disability. We give back control over what is important to our service users, enabling them to have a say in their activities and encourage an inclusive and non-judgemental community where everyone is valued for their own individual strengths.

Connected - Building a relationship with a horse through hands on grooming and touch. This session includes:

•           Introduction - health and safety essentials

•           Exploring the grooming kit

•           Grooming the horse with support and guidance

•           Beginnings of developing trust and contact with the horse

•           Leading the horse into the school

•           Selecting poles and cones and leading the horse through a natural path