Please take a moment to read through these lovely stories about how KARELE has had a positive impact on these young girls' lives.

Before coming to Karele I had just moved schools and I found the change quite difficult. When I first started at Karele I was overly shy and wasn't very confident in my riding, then I started to ride a 14.1hh pony called Orchid and I loved her from the moment we met.


It took us a while to get used to each other and I was still learning and so was she, during this time I was helping at Pony Club on Saturday mornings and helping feed, groom and  muck out. The team was very friendly which I was so glad about as I found it hard to meet new people. I've learned a lot from just being on the ground with horses and around them.


I love having a part share as it's like having your own horse but you don't need to pay for everything else that goes with a horse. Now me and Orchid have progressed together and we are both practicing dressage and show jumping and we love hacking, she always try's her hardest for everyone! I've also met one of my best friends from Karele as well at first we were just friends  but now we are both so close and we love riding together and trying new things with the ponies.


Since being at Karele I've now gained trust of a wonderful pony and a best friend but also skills I will use throughout my life with different people and doing different things. I'm now confident speaking to new people and my riding skills have definitely improved with all the practice I've had and I've already had so many opportunities. I would recommend Karele to anyone who has a love for horses!


In 2015 my life changed completely when I met the amazing team and horses at Karele. Me and my sister had just moved schools and where finding the change challenging. Everyone at Karele where very welcoming and made us feel very included which gave me a lot more confidence as I was quite shy when meeting new people.

Since I had went to Karele looking to take on a part share horse, Cath and Jeff introduced me to a 15.1hh grey Appaloosa cross Arabian called Hidalgo. As soon as I met him I loved him so much he was everything that Cath and Jeff had described him as and more. He is very cheeky with a huge personality and he never fails to make me laugh especially when he pulls the brushes out of the grooming kit.


Before going to Karele I didn't have that much riding or handling experience with horses as I was new to it all. After only a little while of having Hidalgo on part share I became a volunteer as well which meant helping with pony club, caring for a variety of different horses and helping with lots more things. This led to me learning loads of new skills on the ground with the horses and also when riding a horse, knowledge, experience and also a lot of confidence when speaking and working with people I haven't met before.


Everyday spent at Karele is a day well spent as they always give us things to look forward to and amazing opportunities that you wouldn't be able to have anywhere else which I can't thank them enough for. Me and Hidalgo are always trying new things especially when jumping as we both love to jump and we both love hacking as well, I absolutely adore Hidalgo me and him work very well together.

I have met some of my best friends that I am very close with and I will always count the amazing team at Karele as my family. I have made memories I will truly never forget and will always treasure forever and I'm sure thinking back on the memories they will give me a laugh when I most need it. Karele have always went above and beyond for me and I will forever appreciate them for this.


I started my time at Karele 5 years ago in 2012 and I started a part share with Gucci Rush, the 14'2hh Gelding who I fell in love with the second I met him. It took us a while to get used to each other and I had loads to learn. From bringing the horse out of the field, grooming, tacking up, loads of other things that I had never done before. I also didn't have involvement with young children and people with learning difficulties.

I started helping on a Saturday with pony club, I was very shy to begin with but now I have confidence with the young children. Karele has made me into a much better person, I have met my two best friends there and it has given me skills which will help me massively with the future.

I am now confident with speaking in front of anybody and I also have loads of confidence with Gucci, who has taken me from a complete novice to someone who has become self-assured with my riding and now we are doing dressage, show jumping and we love hacking out in the beautiful countryside.

So I am unbelievably grateful and love all the opportunities that they give me day in, day out and I also love the caring Karele family.